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Sunday, October 30, 2005

a discrepancy

Day 5 and only one comment...hmm, I'm starting to feel unappreciated in this blogosphere. Just kidding, I'm a middle-child, might explain my need for attention.

Eid is coming up, Ramadan comes to an end yet again, and the city will go back to it's 'normal' pace. Although being in a Muslim country, I'm surprised that I'm hearing more about Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, than the Eid al Fitr itself...strange, no?

Before I go on with my thoughts, I need to make it clear that I have nothing against any religion or beliefs a person might have. In fact, I'm an advocate of all of these issues being personal, and that if a person is good, I could not care less if they worship a rock or a frog.

But what has struck me lately is how, in a Muslim country -whereby Islam only believes in monotheistic religions (ie Judaism, Christianity and Islam)- Diwali, a Hindu festival, is accepted and openly celebrated.

Again, I am all for open-mindedness and minding one's own business...but isn't this somewhat hypocritical?

I am no expert on Hinduism or any other religion, but from the research I've done, Hinduism is definitely not a monotheistic religion, and not recognised by the Muslim world as one. How is it that Islam dictates the country we live in, yet blatantly advertises what Muslims deem to be a non-religion?

I realise that many Hindus have come to live in the UAE and that as with every other religion, they have the right and the duty to celebrate, and rightly so. But I see fewer ads for Christmas in the papers than I do for Diwali, and god forbid we ever acknowledge any jewish holidays, as of course, the jews are our "enemies."

Either I've missed a chapter or this just doesn't make sense to me. Any thoughts? Further explanations? I am curious to know what people think, or if this is a discrepancy I'm merely imagining.

Friday, October 28, 2005

the beach

Thursday, October 27, 2005

when reality sets in

I'm blog-happy today because it is my first day of blogging...hurrah!

Actually, while washing the remains of the day off my face, I thought of a letter I read in semi-controversial 7 Days: a reader was complaining about seeing the picture of an injured Pakistani girl (Maryam), victim of the devastating earthquake, in the pages of the newspaper, deeming it a "dreadful" picture, exposing the horrors of life and scarring children for life, bla bla bla.

I am all for cheery happy reading. Hell, that is why I am addicted to celebrity lives: they don't affect me. Everytime I feel the world is the most evil creation there has ever been, I retreat and read about more pleasant things like Paris Hilton's fascinating life, or Lindsay Lohan's re-emerging breasts. But I do live in the real world.

I read the papers everyday. I watch the news. I voluntarily expose myself to the horrors of the world lest I become too positive. Sure, the media have a not-so-sly way of fighting for ratings and subscriptions, and shock and horror sell. This is the real world. Maryam is suffering while I blog, while complaining-lady writes to 7 days, and while we go on with our daily lives.

Ignorance may be bliss...inaction may be bliss. Of course, there are mornings when the last thing I want to see is blood and gore splashed all over the papers, and of course I remind myself that there are good things happening in the world. But why should we deny the world from living in reality, when we can voluntarily retreat?

If it all becomes too much for you to bear complaining-lady, switch the channel, put down the paper, Paris and Lindsay are up to enough antics to keep your mind off poor little Maryam for a while. But the likes of Maryam are the ones who will stay in your thoughts forever, and it is the likes of Maryam who will one day maybe make me and you get up and make a difference. If all else fails, I can only hope that the less fortunate of the world might feel the warmth of our thoughts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the beginning

Blogs fascinate me. What a wonderful way for impossibly curious folks like me to delve into people's thoughts. I've been reading up on UAE-based blogs for a while now, and I'm quite fascinated by what goes on in this seemingly opinion-less country. What the hell did I know, opinionated folks are alive and kicking out here! I'm relieved.
I've also been contemplating starting a blog for ages now. Out of laziness and slight lack of creativity, I've delayed and delayed. Until now...I figure, since writing is my business, I better get some much-needed practice. No editors, no constraints, no deadlines...I think I will love it here.
Quick intro: I live in good ol' Abu Dhabi, and the blog title "abu dhabi sunshine" does not in any way refer to a perky personality. Far from it, perky people actually bug me a little. The title refers to this old song by god knows who, which used to wake me up on Capital Radio (92.5), back in my high school days, where life was oh so simpler. Anyone remember the song? More importantly, who sang it? I've gotta get my hands on it, definitely a classic.
I am semi-addicted to celebrity lives. By semi-addicted, I mean the way I am addicted to cigarettes: not through the actual drug, but through habit. I can quit any time I like. I have not tried this with celebrity lives, but have done it with cigarettes, and it worked. But my vices stay with me...it's just more fun that way.
I also love Ben. You figure it out...(it's definitely not rocket science).
Celeb lives do not consume me though. I'll carry a conversation (or an opinion) on anything, given I know what I'm talking about. I do not talk out of my derriere.
I want to be a regular blogger, I hope I will be. Seems to give extra purpose to people's days. Here's my shot at pseudo-fame...welcome to my blog.